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Selecting the correct college or school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have as a parent. The decision you make will impact your child life entirely and therefore, it is important for you to make the right one, but first, you will need to start preparing your child for her big day.

Preparing your child for their big day
It would be ideal if you make your explanation of school to your child, sound as if it is a great achievement to become a part of school so that your child will feel proud and will make an effort to put on a brave face during the first week of school even when she is rather scared. You will want to go shopping with your baby girl and buy her all her brand new things for school. It is important to get your baby involved by asking her to choose her own school bag, her own pencil box, her own lunch box and water bottle so that she will have something to discuss when she gets into school and show her new friends. Meanwhile it is advisable for you to start going to meetings at the best primary schools in Hong Kong to choose your child’s future school.

Encourage your child to choose a school bag, a water bottle, a lunch box and a pencil box that is associated with something that she is comfortable with and used to such as her favorite cartoon character or her favorite things. This way if she is to get scared at all during her time at school, these characters around her is likely to calm her down and make her happy again. When visiting the best primary schools in Hong Kong remember to ask all the right questions to ensure you are making the right choice, check this British international school.

Although we may not realize it the first few weeks in school can be extremely stressful for your little one as she is in a brand new environment surrounded by people that she does not know, which is a big change, from her first few formative years that she has spent at home with you, protected under your wing. Although she is quickly likely to get used to it all you will need to pacify her and take good care of her during those first few weeks. It is quite normal if you find that your child begins to cry heavily during those first weeks.


Right College For Your Child And Preparing Them For Their Big Day